Andrea Candiani - qualified, experienced paragliding pilot

Andrea Candiani - Paragliding Pilot

Andrea Candiani first qualification obtained in 1998.

I flown: paragliding, hang gliding, rigid wing, paramotor ..

"I have flown a lot and with real passion in all these years. Many people say that I am one
of the best Italian pilots to fly with in tandem paragliding. I'm currently using primarily
paragliding. I consider it the most fun and easy way to fly safely

Some of my flights


Take off: Brescia
157km FAI triangle
(lombardy's record 2013)
Max altitude 2435m
Flight duration 7h 16'
Sail used: Ozone Mantra R11

Maddalena flight FAI triangle
Val Pusteria flight FAI triangle


Take off: Speikboden IT
207km FAI triangle
Max altitude 3945m
Flight duration 8h 14'
Sail used: SOL Sports Tracer TR2


Take off: Feltre
Landing: Bovec Slovenia
147km flight in line
Max altitude 2152m
Flight duration 6h 23'
Sail used: AXIS Mercury 2006

Feltre Bovec flight in line