Tandem paragliding, how does it works

Tandem Paragliding flight

How it works

.. it is very simple. We spread the sail, a brief check, the passenger gets harnessed and anchored in front of the pilot in order to fully enjoy his or her tandem flight, two or three running steps and off you go! Flying free over Lake Garda ..

How long is the flight?

The whole experience lasts about two hours from: meeting, briefing, jeep lift, and preparation for the flight. The flying time depends on weather conditions, from the moment of take-off at least 20/25minutes, during the flight the passenger if desired, can try to steer the sail, understanding how easy it is or take photos. The pilot can also take pictures of the passenger while he or she flies in complete relaxation.

What you need to know

The tandem paragliding can be practiced by anyone. There are no age limits. The weight of the passenger must be between 30 and 130 kg. There is no need of any special physical skills. It's like riding a bike without cycling!

What to wear

We take off from a mountain. During the flight speed is 40 km / h at an altitude of 1000 meters at least, for these reasons it is useful to shelter from the wind and cold. Bring:

> Jacket
> Shoes suitable for the mountain (to avoid slipping)
> Gloves